Ilva coatings for the National Library of Riga 


A combination of design and culture, the implementation of the wood interiors of the Gaismas Pils, the Castle of Light, symbol of the future culture of Riga (Latvia) and inaugurated in April 2014, involved the use of ILVA coatings.

In the design phase, the architecture firm responsible for the project was looking for a finish that would protect the wood, widely used in interiors, while leaving its natural appearance as much as possible unchanged.

The wood chosen was birch, among the most common and widely used in Latvia for the production of artefacts, as well as very widespread in forests throughout the country.Birch is a very beautiful and light wood, with particular silky nuances, but difficult to paint with a natural effect: yellowing which can gradually affect the paint and lack of transparency can, in fact, limit the enhancement of those nuances similar to silk of some of its veins.

ILVA Aquatech Essenza (TW18), a multi-purpose water-based finish for interiors, fully satisfied the desire to create furnishings with an absolutely natural look and feel, designed for contemporary rooms with a sober, clean and rigorous style. Its excellent transparency and the particular anti-reflection effect give the wood a natural appearance, without sacrificing the protection and resistance performance of the best traditional paints.

Moreover, Aquatech Essenza is a multi-purpose finish free from emissions, whose special water-based formulation was designed to obtain a very low environmental impact.