IVM Group has a strong interest in the world of architecture and design, in their more traditional aspects: such as the design of furniture and objects that can be produced industrially, and has focused on achieving a perfect symbiosis between functionality and aesthetics, and on the creation of a space in which a person can live, work, relax, heal, and interact by combining technical and artistic research. Paints are, in fact, among the protagonists of this world where they are often ignored and unknown. They are in fact the world’s most ancient systems for protection and decoration. It is thanks to paint, we can enjoy the pleasure of wood in all of our environments, protected from humidity, sunlight, moisture and rain and guarded from microorganisms such as mold, termites and fungi. Wood coatings can restore the natural colour of the grain and pore; thereby enhancing any desired colour and aesthetic effect. Paint products contribute also to contain the natural emissions produced by the wood panels, thus protecting both the user and the environment. By raising awareness about the fascinating but little known world of wood coatings, the IVM Group has always enthusiastically participated in projects related to the living environment.