Ilva is a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world.

Ilva products were born in 1946 in Italy, a country that has always been a point of reference in the furniture industry. These products were developed and perfected through constant interaction with   local industry experts and designers  who are appreciated all over the world.

Ilva products are manufactured in the modern plant of Parona, in the province of Pavia, in Italy. They are then distributed in the Italian market, in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

Ilva products are designed and developed by more than 200 chemists and technicians in the European Research and Development Laboratories of IVM Group, offering constant and highly specialized assistance.


IVM Chemicals mission is to give technical and innovative solutions to all those who paint wood, from small users to large industrial companies with the highest level of service and product quality.

This mission is achieved through:

  • Its choice to constantly invest into Research and Development. IVM Group invests more than 8% of its proceeds to Research and Development.
  • Its will to ensure continuity to the Company management: from its establishment in 1970, IVM Group, of which IVM  Chemicals is part, has maintained the same ownership over the years, always guaranteeing its collaborators unity and consistency in its strategies, security and reliability in the administration. Today, the resulting stability of its management and collaborators allows the Group to count  on a team composed by the most relevant experts in the field of wood coating.
  • The collaboration with the user. IVM Chemicals Researchers and Technical Assistants constantly cooperate with the Client:   to identify the most suitable cycles with respect to the technical and aesthetical results he wishes to obtain and his  application requirements and  to adjust the products on his plants and support him in optimizing the coating processes.

Group key datas*

Yearly Group Turnover €  250-300.000.000
Ton production per year including Connected 80.000 
Operators in the Group including Connected 900 
Scientific researchers  and R&D specialists                   About 150                                                                                            
Consolidated Actualized  Net Capital          € 210.000.000

* December 2019