IVM Chemicals, in partnership with INTERNI, presented the Exhibition/Event INTERNI THINK TANK, which took place at the Università degli Studi of Milan . The Exhibition/Event emphasized the need for the renewal of the New Millennium society, through the creation and the exhibition of imposing and experimental installations, of great visual impact.

Created with the support of environment-conscious companies, operating in the sectors of design and architecture and sensitive to the issue of the resources of our Planet, these works of art are meant to be a process of positive “contamination”, a new ground for reflection and innovative design. By placing the exhibition within architectures and places in the city to be unveiled to a larger public, they intended to propose new concepts of space and the understanding of it, using the existing building heritage as a resource on which to execute their work. 


Within this project, during Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, Hedgehog, a spectacular work of art, was installed in the beautiful court of the Università Statale in order to make the larger public aware of concepts linked to sustainability and the possibility to create new and enhanced urban scenarios.
Hedgehog is the tower created by the great Designer Jean Michel Wilmotte of Paris. It is 8 meters tall, built with wood and other materials, and finished off with Ilva coatings for the wood.

IVM Chemicals, in collaboration with Wilmotte, chose to contribute to the ecologic theme of the installation with KLIMA® WAX, a water-based coating line for exteriors, combining requirements for wood resistance and respect for environment and human health. KLIMA® WAX coatings are water-based and enriched with selected waxes. They are highly water-resistant and protect wood, guaranteeing an effective barrier against fungi, moulds and parasites.


Furthermore, IVM Chemicals has presented an absolute revolution in the coating of wooden surfaces: SILVER POWER.  Exploiting the antibacterial power of silver, known for centuries, in association with nanotechnologies, SILVER POWER nanotechnologic, water-based top coats for exteriors are extremely innovative for their hygienising ability.

The silver nano-particles, one thousand times smaller than the diameter of a hair, make the coated surfaces resistant to the development of bacteria (such as salmonella, staphylococcus, escherichia coli or candida). Their growth is reduced by 99%.

Their antibacterial action is excellent all over the coated surface, thanks to the homogeneous dispersion of silver particles in the top-coat, and it lasts forever: in fact, it does not evaporate and is resistant to cleaners over time.

Surfaces treated with SILVER POWER  top-coats can be cleaned with normal detergents avoiding the use of disinfectants: they are, therefore, ideal for environments where hygiene is essential,  such as kitchens, bathrooms, children’s bedroom, but also public places used by food catering and food processing, such as coffee-bars, restaurants or canteens.

SILVER POWER top-coats do not contain biocides and do not release health-damaging substances.

The application of the top-coat has been presented on a kitchen prototype, created by the design firm OIA, and displayed in the Università degli Studi of Milan.


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