ILVA’s latest wood coating solutions on view at the London edition of Architect@Work.

The focus is on aesthetic innovation and environmental sustainability.


Madrid, may 29-30

IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Pabellón 7 - BOOTH 71

Avenida Partenón 5 - 28042 Madrid                   

After attending the UK edition in January, ILVA takes part at the Madrid edition of Architect@Work, worldwide trade fair on innovation aimed at architects, designers and specifiers.

In Madrid, ILVA presents the latest coating solutions for any type of wooden surface that once again reflect the great depth of the product range, ready to respond to all aesthetic and functional requirements for both industrial and artisanal use. The solutions perfectly illustrate the company’s focus on innovation and research, which has enabled Ilva, a brand of the IVM Group – a leader in Europe and the world specializing in the production of wood coatings – to become a true reference point on the global market.

The cornerstone of the Group’s mission from the outset, the Ilva R&D division now employs about 200 researchers and technicians operating on a world-class level with the most advanced technological instruments in order to develop specific new offerings, always in close contact with the worlds of design and industry.

One fundamental factor behind the success of Ilva, founded in 1946 in Italy – a country always in the forefront in the world of furnishings – has been the close, constant relationship with the wood/furniture industry in the Brianza district, a world-renowned area of Italian excellence.

The coating solutions on view in Madrid:


Special Effects is a wide range of material solutions of great aesthetic impact, capable of revealing and generating new characteristics in wood.

The products are based on in-depth design research to create coating solutions that allow wood to be "transformed," taking on the aesthetic characteristics of other materials like metals, concrete, rust, ice, silk, marble or leather. Through simple coating operations, Ilva offers the market solutions that can be extensively customized, and are also ideal for small surfaces.

At Architect@Work visitors can see a new interpretation of classic metals, especially brushed metal, also shown in the unprecedented embossed and polished versions, examples of how wood can be coated with products that not only replicate other materials, but also imitate their enhancement over time.

With a sophisticated contemporary character, these proposals have been created to respond to the needs of the world of decor and design. In the Effetti Speciali range by Ilva the color, offered in multiple combinations of hues and textures, adds a sense of substance and volume to achieve original materic effects.

The entire Effetti Speciali range is ideal for the surface finishing of cladding, paneling, furnishings and complements, which thus take on new aesthetic identities while conserving the advantages of wood as a ductile, light, ecocompatible and ecosustainable material.

Besides responding to and foreseeing the aesthetic requirements of industry and craftsmen, Ilva’s research concentrates today on the theme of sustainability. Protection of the environment and human health is an increasingly timely and urgent theme. This research has led to the creation of Olio UV and Hecopur Bio, the new coatings developed with a “green” perspective.


The innovative UV Oil stands out for its lack of emissions thanks to a dry residue level of 100% that generates no VOC emissions, and its 32% content of renewable raw material of botanical waste origin not suitable for human nutrition. These factors make it an environmental friendly product.

The particular focus on issues of sustainability is combined with a high level of productivity, thanks to the use of UV technology that significantly cuts down drying time, making this oil a purely industrial product applicable with rollers, with or without brushing, with higher levels of chemical-physical strength with respect to traditional oxidative oils. The excellent penetration of the wood brings out the beauty of its grain, for an appealing natural look.


As part of the commitment to reduce environmental impact of processes, products and services, Ilva has developed the Hecopur Bio line of eco-friendly coatings. This is an important innovation that combines high environmental sustainability with high levels of chemical-physical performance.

Hecopur Bio is the line of polyurethane wood coatings allowing to obtain a dry film with the highest percentage ever achieved of renewable raw material of botanical waste origin, not suitable for human nutrition.

These materials represent up to 50% of the composition of the film, as opposed to 35% for films made with other coatings, including water-base products. This level has been measured through Carbon-14 dating tests and certified by BETA ANALYTIC (*).

Offered in transparent and pigmented versions, as shown in the exhibit, with all the variations of color and gloss to adapt to the needs of any project, Hecopur Bio can be applied to furniture, complements, doors and paneling, or even to children’s toys. The products in the line comply with EN 71-3:2013 regulations certifying the safety of toys, also in terms of their chemical composition. The Hecopur Bio line is yet another example of Ilva’s commitment to the creation of innovative solutions with a particular focus on environmental sustainability and the health of both end-users and workers in every phase of the coating cycle.

(*) Carbon-14 dating, indicated on an international level as ASTM D6866 testing, permits measurement of the renewable biobased content of botanical origin in products. A standard codified test has been developed for this purpose. BETA ANALYTIC is a research laboratory that is a worldwide leader in this type of analysis, since 1979; it is based in Miami and collaborates with government agencies, scientists and engineers, as well as with companies all over the world.

All Ilva products are made in the production facility at Parona, in the Pavia district, a unique site in terms of size and innovation. Organized in an area of over 15 hectares, it has been designed to guarantee production standards among the highest in the world in both quantitative and qualitative terms, fundamental factors in a sector like that of chemicals that is profoundly impacted by problematic issues related to safety and environmental hygiene. The production processes are extensively automated with the precise aim of improving the quality of workmanship and of finished products, in complete compliance with legislation on personal and environmental safety.