Keep clean and free of harmful bacteria beautiful wooden parts in our homes, such as furniture and wooden floors, it is very difficult. Immediately after thoroughly you have cleaned an area, germs and bacteria will directly proliferate. The liquid disinfectant products that are usually used to clean are often harmful and have limited effectiveness over time: their effect often fades before it is gone the smell. Now, thanks to the complete range of Silver Power Plus coatings that have hygienic power certified according to ISO 22196: 2011, each wooden surface can become self-sanitizing, effectively fighting bacterial growth permanently.

To ensure a perfect hygiene, you simply have to wipe the surfaces with normal detergents: then Silver Power Plus, using the power of silver, will fight bacteria. The silver, a non-toxic element, is embedded in these coatings in order to be perfectly dispersed: in this way it becomes so active against the bacteria that can be used in very small quantities. Therefore it is possible to obtain coatings that combine the sanitizing properties to absolute transparency and that have the best aesthetic characteristics and resistance.

Discover it the next 23rd and 24th of November at Architect@Work 2016 at MiCo Milan Fair at Ilva booth #60!

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