Ilva presents a new range of waterborne uniforming impregnators, WNS711 Series/Color, dedicated to the treatment of outdoor furniture such as window frames, shutters and doors constantly stressed by the elements.

The new line is joined by the traditional waterborne impregnators, differing by the high leveling power that allows you to create smooth colors without blemishes and defects on conifers, highly absorbent wood and edge-glued panels (finger joint).

The maximum uniforming power achieves excellent cosmetic results masking any wood defects.

The special formulation with biocides and special additives, that prevent the degradation of the surface layer of lignin, provides high protection and perfect adhesion of the coating film thus ensuring greater durability.

Easily applicable, it is distinguished, in addition, for the high slip, these performances remain constant and unchanged even reusing the same product several times.

They are suitable to be applied with the most common industrial and handcraft systems (dipping, flow coating, brush and hand roller).