New Aquatech clear self-sealers


IVM Chemicals enriches its water-based products line for interiors with the new clear matt mono-component AQUATECH self-sealers, HMM5031 Series/Gloss, which are distinguished by the excellent fast drying and transparency.

The new series is addressed to craftmen who are always looking for products that are easy to use and suitable for coating a very wide variety of artifacts, from modern to old style furniture, to doors and paneling. 

HMM5031 Series/Gloss fully satisfies these needs by ensuring high technical and aesthetic performance of productivity guaranteeing each coated support a valuable transparency and softness.

HMM5031 Series/Gloss is used both as a primer and as a finish, making it possible to realize various coating cycles with a limited number of products, improving productivity also in the industrial sector.

With new self-sealers, it’s possible to implemented either open-pore or closed-pore coating cycles.

HMM5031 Series/Gloss is available in different gloss levels and packaging.