Innovative styrene-free white gloss polyester top coat


IVM Chemicals confirms the great success and innovative technology of the styrene-free Polyallyl line, already awarded the Federchimica Product Stewardship Prize, with the new glossy white top coat that complements the ILVA Polyallyl range, PRG5010, developed thanks to the constant studies of our Research Laboratories.

Particularly shiny and with high filling power, combined with Polyallyl primers, it allows implementation of entirely styrene-free high gloss cycles, and therefore also of interest to users who are looking for increasingly high-performance products in terms of reduction of emissions of volatile organic compounds as an alternative to polyurethane cycles.

This innovative Top Coat is characterised by a surface hardness significantly superior to conventional polyurethane glosses and is, moreover, particularly suitable for the coating products which require high filling power and maximum resistance to shrinkage over time.                                  

The long pot-life of PRG5010, exceeding 3 hours, makes it easy to use with systems normally used for the application of polyurethane glosses. The absence of styrene avoids the characteristic fumes of normal polyester-based products and improves the quality of the workplace.