New BiComponent, water-based, matt, metallic-effect top-coats



Our R&D Laboratories have developed a new range of water-based products for the creation of metallic effects.

The new product range consists of:

  • a series of BiComponent water-based matt Converters, HOM3052 series/Gloss
  • three metallic pastes with a different concentration: PXS305 fine grain, PXS306 medium grain, PXS307 coarse grain

These products can be freely combined and this allows customizing the aesthetic metallic and color effect, final opacity (from 10 to 50 gloss), through the use of water-borne pastes.

The new metallic top-coats are fast drying and show excellent uniformity of the final metallic effect.

Unlike traditional metallic top coats on the market, requiring the application of a second protective coat of paint, these new top-coats are applied by hand only and do not require over-coating with other products.

The new range of metallic effects is available at our Service Centres.