Innovative POLYALLILIC® Clear Sealer with very low emissions


Ilva presents the innovative Styrene-free Clear Sealer, TGS503, with high dry residue, that does not require dilution when applied.

Unique product of this kind, it is the result of the constant work of IVM Chemicals Research Laboratories. It further enriches the Polyallilic® line of ILVA, the first company to have successfully introduced this new technology in the wood coating market.

Thanks to its low content of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), less than 5% per application, it is the solution for the replacement of traditional solvent-borne products in order to reduce emissions.

The atmospheric emissions of this product are comparable to those of common water-borne products, but the technical characteristics are typical of traditional polyester sealers, namely: high filling power and maximum resistance to shrinkage.

Thanks to their excellent verticality they are suitable for coating three-dimensional items in industrial application, for which this feature is particularly required.