New waterborne matt clear finishes with maximum speed of drying
(HQM5162 Series/Gloss)


IVM Chemicals presents the new waterborne matt clear finishes HQM5162 Series/Gloss, with high aesthetic and technical performances comparable to those of traditional solvent-based finishes.

The new monocomponent waterborne finishes HQM5162 Series/Gloss stand out for ease of application, high speed of drying and are specifically designed for craft coating cycles. 

Thanks to their special formulation, HQM5162 Series/Gloss finishes ensure high resistance to yellowing, quality that, combined with a high level of transparency, enhances the wood grain, giving the surface an high quality final aesthetic effect and stability over  time.

The HQM5162 Series/Gloss finishes are available in four different gloss levels and are suitable for opaque stained closed pore coating cycles of  Modern and Classic Furniture.